Find Queen Palm Tree Care in Phoenix, AZ

Find Queen Palm Tree Care in Phoenix, AZ

Turn to the specialists at The Hungry Tree

You can’t treat queen palm trees like other types of trees. They require special methods of pruning, fertilization and watering. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to grow queen palm trees at your property. Just rely on the expertise of The Hungry Tree LLC. Our queen palm tree specialists will make sure your trees get the special care they need.

We offer queen palm tree care and maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. We’ve been caring for trees for 15 years. Your queen palm trees will be trimmed and fed with organic fertilizer. We can also remove hazardous trees. Reach out to us right away to make sure your queen palm trees get the best care.

Why is your queen palm tree dying?

Some of the biggest mistakes you can make when watering your queen palm tree are not watering often enough or wide enough. The watering requirements for queen palm trees are actually more similar to the watering requirements of grass.

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